Thursday, July 12, 2018

Another New Crown! etc.......

My dentist truly made my morning!  After thanking me for showing up super early for my appointment, so that they could take me immediately and lessen the possibilities of having to work late this afternoon catching up on patients who may require more work and time than originally scheduled, she told me that I must not apologize for asking for freezing for the simple task of removing the temporary crown and putting on the permanent one.  I have been feeling all manner of wimpy for asking, but it is because none of my teeth have root canals and so are more sensitive than I like them to be for a simple procedure like this.  She told me she prefers that all her patients have freezing for all procedures because it leaves her free to get the job done without having to hold back on this or that in order to prevent pain, when simply having freezing solves the possible problems so much more easily.  This woman knows how to make all her patients feel like stars! hahahaha

I spent a fruitless couple of hours after my appointment searching for some wonderful thing(s) to send to my parents for their 65th anniversary later this month.  I know I all ready sent them the money to pay for their special steak luncheon at Kananaskis Ranch the day before their special day, but I have been hoping to find something really interesting, or tasty, or unique for them........blaaaaaaah....not a thing to speak of really.  My dad wants a new pair of the old highwaisted Dickie's twill pants, but I can't get them in his small size unless I order them online.  Since Dad is SO picky and I can't actually see the fabric properly in the online photos, I think I will skip that idea.  Trying to return them if there is some teensy reason why they aren't perfect in his mind, will be an expensive nightmare. I started to set up an online account with their Canada head supply, but stopped before I was done. Something just didn't feel "right" about going ahead with it. Maybe I will go to Chapters/Indigo and look for a huge print book for him instead.  I did find a new orthotic seat cushion for mom to try. Jysk is clearing out some that are almost identical to the raggedy one she has been using for far too long, so.....maybe that will be okay.  I tucked a word find book, some beautiful table napkins and some super cute bag clips into the box with the pillow and will get that mailed as soon as I find a book or something else particulary for Dad.  I have a couple of bags of his favourite candies.  O my....the older they get the more difficult it is to find a meaningful gift for them.  Food and books and the occasional article of clothing that I can know for SURE they will like...and that last item is getting more difficult to locate as well.  Knowing them, if nothing else they will get a kick out of each getting their own personalized box of gifts.

So.....since I have spent the entire morning racing about seeking appropriate gifts and mostly failing, I think I will hie away to the book store and see what they have to offer.  65 years of marriage...what can I send them that is different and special....can't seem to find anything that really fits the bill. They hate looking after plants and cut flowers sent from here are a ridiculous price that would ruin their enjoyment of them anyway.  Well...okay Chapters/Indigo....let's see what you have in stock.

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