Thursday, July 12, 2018

Books and Other Benefits of the Day!

So grateful for the large print book selection at Chapters/Indigo. I found two good books for dad. Yippee!!

When I got home with the books I decided I should open up the box mom’s sitting pillow was in to make sure it is in good condition. It is perfect, so I tried it out on my computer chair. Hmmmmm... Soooooooo comfy.....  So supportive of all my hip hardware.......  Double hmmmmm.....

Back into the car, back to Jysk, back to the sitting pillows sale display, back to the cashier with the second pillow, back to the car, back on the road home, back to my computer chair where the pillow is now sitting awaiting supporting my chubby butt and bionic hip. Yesssssss!!!

Um, I also splurged on a mirror for myself. Another sale....I have wanted a double sided magnification mirror for years but never bothered to get one. Doing hair and makeup will finally be easier. Why did I wait so long to purchase something so useful and inexpensive??? Duh.....

So, it’s a hap, hap, happy day.....thank you Lord.

Now to wrap up my parents’ anniversary boxes so I can mail them tomorrow.

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