Saturday, July 7, 2018

Cooling Down

I am grateful for the cool breeze coming in the windows late this evening. It is 11:30pm and we just may be able to sleep long as we wear our earplugs, since the windows will have to be open to keep the suite cooled.  Man, it is noisy outside tonight.  Were the Roughriders playing a game tonight that they won?  A few minutes ago there were hundreds of car horns honking all through downtown...what the heck??  Hopefully they, along with a bunch of little kids screaming outside, didn't wake my husband up since he has to get up at his usual workday time of 6:45am.

In the morning my husband takes on the first of his preaching and presiding duties at a rural church only 40km from the city.  I am excited for him. He has taken very few services over the past year and desperately misses the preaching and the sharing of the Eucharist.  I am excited for me too, because it means that the two weeks per month he is taking services, he will be getting Mondays AND Tuesdays off work!  Sunday and Monday off are okay, but having two week days is way more fun for me because it means we can run more errands together and attend more fun local events together.  YAY!!

Since returning to work this past week my husband has taken on a new attitude all together.  He is planning his hours in and out of the office more efficiently, he is refusing to work unnecessary overtime because it wouldn't matter how many overtime hours/days/months he put in, the work would never be caught up.  His health can't help but improve with this new attitude and new attention to not trying to put in more work per week than one person can possibly handle.  I am so proud of him.  (and we'll see how long this new plan and attitude actually last, but for now I am hopeful?)

I completed the house work this morning. What a great feeling to have the place all "sparkly" once again.  YES!!  This afternoon  I amused myself at a shopping mall looking with little success for some good treats to send my parents for their 65th wedding anniversary later this month.  At least I got a good walk out of the deal and I am very certain of what sorts of things I am NOT going to send them! hahaha

I am engrossed once again in the Calgary Stampede chuck wagon races. I don't know what the big thrill is, but I certainly do enjoy them.  My husband was laughing at me because I was quoting statistics the same way that fans of football and hockey do.  Until tonight I hadn't realized just what a fan I actually am of those crazy races. hahaha   Blush.......

We had a big treat for dinner tonight...medium rare steaks, that actually came out medium rare!  OKAAAAAAY!  Paired with baked potato and mixed green beans, carrots and broccoli....ooh, we are eating healthily these days!  I am so proud of us!

On the way to midnight...the alarm is going to be ringing pretty early in the morning...I need to get to sleep and I think it is finally cool enough in here!  Only two really hot days are scheduled this coming week. Yahoo!

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