Monday, July 2, 2018

Dietary Discovery

Lately I have made a rather shocking discovery:  I don't like pizza any more!!!

I used to be able to tuck away an entire 10 inch pizza all by myself and waddle around for hours after not feeling the least bit guilty for consuming that much fat and sodium and carbs.

Now though, I find pizza kind of disgusting.  I have been away from it so much since the diabetes diagnosis that now when I have even the small sliver I am able to have on occasion, it tastes gross to me.  The fatty goo of the cheese and the sodium drenched meat taste so horrible it is all I can do to swallow it down. I can almost feel my cholesterol and blood sugar rising with every mouthful of the stuff.

Something has certainly changed with my tastebuds as I have been doing my best to keep my palate cleansed from foods that are not healthy for me.  As far as the pizza goes, my attempts are definitely working. (an aside: I have managed in the past two weeks to shed four of the eight pounds I need to take off again and was able to wear my favourite new dress yesterday to church!  YAY)

I am very surprised. Pizza is the one food I have missed more than any other. Guess I have become used to my own bastardized version: one small whole wheat pita, one to two tablespoons of my own Italian style tomato sauce filled with fresh herbs, sauteed fresh veggies, a bit of unsalted chicken meat or extra lean ground beef and less than an ounce of low fat cheese.  (Reading that recipe over, it sounds dreadful and boring as sin, but sadly that is what I am used to now and can't handle the regular pizzas any more.)

I managed to choke down a very small slice of one of the pizzas our friends purchased last night: huge green pepper slices with alfredo sauce and only a bit of cheese. It was quite good, but I couldn't face any more of even that.  I tried one bite of the veggie pizza and one of the halal chicken pizza but all I was aware of was gooey fat.  Blecch!  

Diabetes has ruined pizza for me forever....guess that isn't a bad thing, but it surely is a shocking one!!

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