Monday, July 2, 2018

Just a Couple O' Crazy "Kids"!

We had a great time last night!  Canada Day ended here with a spectacular fireworks display in the park near our home.  We sat on the front lawn on our camp chairs, our Egyptian friends showed up with other friends of theirs from Pakistan and we had a great time watching the display, visiting, laughing at the kids racing around and drinking the hibiscus tea my husband made for us all.  By the time the fireworks began we had covered the lawn with big wool blankets, tatami mats, half the dining room chairs and jackets for everyone.  The folks from Pakistan hadn't realized how chilly it was going to get once the sun went down.  

After the fireworks ended we all braved the crush of traffic leaving the area and eventually ended up across the city at our friends' home.  There we visited some more, ate pizza and drank mint tea. We showed our pathetic holiday photos to much laughter and teasing, watched videos of their kids participating in the school sports day and did a lot of giggling.  

We got home finally around 2am, but it took us until nearly 3am to settle down sufficiently to sleep.  We were both awake between 8am and 9am, but my husband is currently napping away the noon hour.  I am grateful the post office is closed for the long weekend holiday or I would feel obligated to drag myself over there to mail some letters I wrote this morning to friends in Japan.  As long as I can sit at the computer and toss a couple of simple meals together I will be able to fool myself into thinking I stayed up half the night for the first time in years and years and got away with it! hahaha

We really need to grow up........but what fun is that???


Susan Erlenbach said...

That's awesome!! We had sooo much rain, we didn't head to the festivities. We went to church and then spent the afternoon at our friends house.

Susan said...

The rain in Saskatoon apparently cancelled the long awaited parade. Hopefully it was able to happen the next morning. Glad you had a nice bunch of friends to visit with instead of sitting at home!