Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Little Bits of Good News!!

This has been a very pleasant day!  

 The morning began with my husband waking up in time for his first day back at work, feeling cheery and happy to be going back to see his colleagues and to see what projects await his attention.  He has set up a better plan for himself for the next six months in terms of how many hours per day/week he is going to work, leaving him more time to have a life outside of the office.  My job is to ensure he at least attempts to stick to his new resolution!

As soon as we were both up and dressed we checked the new patching on the basement walls. There was a driving rain during the night, but there was NO water on the basement floor or seepage around the patched areas.  There will be more rain possibly tonight so the patching will be tested once again, but so far it is looking like a success. 

My parents called with lots of good news: they have a very active week planned during next week's Calgary Stampede week!  Their plans involve a Stampede lunch and a pancake breakfast in their facility, a day of Stampede games there as well, a trip to Okotoks for a special lunch and then a couple of weeks later they will celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary at a ranch in Kananaskis, having a hearty steak dinner, along with other friends from their facility. They are excited, Dad is resting lots for the rest of this week and planning his rest times for next week in between the activities. My prayer is that he and Mom will both be able to attend everything they have signed up for, particularly the trip the Kananaskis, since they were not interested in my plans for an afternoon tea in their party room with other friends.  Personally, I am happy they have a chance to get out of the facility for a drive away from the city, even though I am disappointed I will not be able to fly out there to be with them.

Today we got a confirmation email from the leader of an Old Testament study group we are interested in joining. We received a lovely invitation to come and participate in two weeks' time.  O how we are looking forward to the study and to meeting some new people.  It will be particularly good for my husband as the leader is a former OT professor and professor of literature from the local university. It won't be a group only of theological ignoramuses like myself.  He will be able to have some good academic interaction with them.

I did an early grocery shop this morning and it felt so good to be out and moving again after vegging for a couple of days after our late night/early morning visit for the Canada Day celebration earlier this week.  The store had few customers and it contained every item I needed. There was no reason to have to drive all over the city for that missing item or two like there usually is.   This time my PC points card worked properly and I received all the points for the items I purchased that were on my offers list for the week.  Finally the glitches with the new system seem to be working themselves out.

I arrived home to a phone message from my church deacon. She came over and we had yet another splendid visit.  I am so grateful that she and I are becoming fast friends.  Such a treat to have someone happy to come to my home for a cup of tea and a long chat.  My little group of friends is at last starting to expand and I am feeling so much more comfortable living here over the last year or so.  Another close church friend may be coming over next week for tea and a walk around the park near here.  I am finally in my happy place as far as friendships.

This afternoon I had another walk up to the clinic for a meeting with my doctor.  I have been having some skin issues and today I went to find out what is going on. The short answer is NOTHING!  I have some new skin tags that are simply age inherited condition...but at this time there is no evidence of any sort of skin cancer. YAY!!  To celebrate I stopped at the Naked Bean coffee bar for a matcha latte and a bite of brownie!  Then I walked for another 70 minutes to wear off the sugar! hahaha

My huband is just home from work.  He has stuck to his agreement, for the first day back at least, to come home early and only work the number of originally agreed upon hours.  We'll see how it goes for the rest of the week.

Well, our Alberta friends have just texted us to say we can pick them up in awhile for dinner together. They are in a camp ground near the city, so we will bring them into a restaurant for a meal and a visit.  It is exciting to have old friends come to visit.  The biggest disappointment of the summer thus far was a couple of weeks ago when Alberta friends we thought would never be able to make it out this way, actually made it to SK and hoped to come to see us here, the very day we had to leave for Calgary...sigh....we could hardly believe that bad timing~sigh again...

So, off for a nice dinner and a happy visit!

Thank you Lord for this good day!

In other news, do you remember a prayer request some weeks ago for elderly friend Wally who needed prayer for his time in hospital?  He did survive the surgery, recovered well even, but his age and other health complications sent him home to Jesus a couple of days ago. He was quite happy to leave the earth by the sound of it and his family is grateful they were with him to usher him out on his way to heaven. 

Cee is still on the trail of a definite diagnosis for his ongoing health issues, but has received at least a bit of medical encouragement over the past few weeks.  He has a few more tests and another doctor to see before any more definitive answers will be discovered, but he and his wife are encouraged enough that they are planning a driving holiday this summer.  Please continue to pray for Cee.  Some days he is feeling quite well and has energy, other days are not very good at all.  We are grateful for the good days. His wife has her own health issues that zap her energy too often so it is a tough time for them and it has been going on now for a very long time. Thank you for caring enough to pray for these dear folk you don't even know.  

Enjoy the rest of the week everybody.  We are having cool temps,  wind and some rain, but by the end of this week we may be rivalling southern Ontario for heat and humid conditions. 



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