Thursday, July 5, 2018

One More Crown Down and One To Go!

What a great dental team I get to have working on my teeth!  One of the new dental hygienist hires was working on me today under the supervision of a more experienced gal, but she was just as fantastic, even as a rather raw newbie.  My temporary crown is securely fastened while I await the permanent crown's installation next week.  Delightful!  AND I still have a bit of insurance coverage to put toward this one before the annual coverage is all used up.  

For some reason the freezing didn't last as long, nor hit me as hard as it usually does.  Other than a bit of ache where the freezing needle went into the gum, plus the afternoon of "freezing brain", no problems.  As usual the "stuff" has left me feeling tired out and draggy, but I still managed to run a few small errands immediately after my appointment and spent the afternoon making chicken vegetable soup.  What a nice day!

One of my husband's office colleagues decided she is in the mood for Indian food tonight, so we are joining her at the new Bay Leaves outlet.  This second outlet of theirs is in where Da Pizza and Curry House used to be on Victoria, near Arcola.  I am disappointed that little restaurant had to close because they made the best Indian soup (sambar) in the city!  I am going to miss that meal, that is for sure.  So, another good restaurant bites the dust in Regina. Sigh....  Who knew though that Regina, of all places, would become a city FILLED with decent (or any other kind of) Indian restaurants!!????!!  It is a wonderful place for Indian food these days.

The temperature outside today hasn't even reached +27C, despite the warm sun and lack of wind, but tomorrow onward we are in for it....super hot temps with the humidity index in the low 40C's.  NOT looking forward to that.

On Sunday afternoon my husband is helping a priestly colleage take the young people from that man's church canoeing over at the lake in the park across the street.  They will have a fabulous time while cooling off.  

My weekend will likely consist of many loads of laundry and some desperately needed my husband's, my own summer holiday is now over!

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