Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Thank You Dearie!

A brief but torrential downpour of rain early yesterday morning left our basement floor covered in water once again. This time though the water only came in through the one wall because the third coat of patching my husband applied to the other two leaky walls was very effective. No water at all seeped through.

My husband unloaded the food storage shelves in front of the offending wall, after mopping up the water, took a good long look at the long, weeping crack and decided he wanted to purchase one more pail of patching compound and see if he coukd stop the leaking there as well. He made calls to several hardware stores, looking for the product he wanted, found it at Home Depot and away we went to pick it up. (Xypex cement patching compound)

The joy of this situation for me is not as much about the hope that the leaking wall may dry up as it is that on his last day of holidays my husband had the physical strength and, even more importantly, the mental motivation to spend several hours on this project.

His CFS episode seems to be dissipating, he has not had to spend many days of this holiday mindlessly sitting in front of the tv or computer screen, or napping. If he has been on his computer it has been to get a course he is preparing completed for teaching this fall. Worry about work, about the changes coming there, has turned to hope for better things instead of dread that we will be on a bind.

I am greatly encouraged to see him rallying again. Thank you Lord! Thank you praying friends!

He returns to the office today. Lord, give him grace to continue in the ministry that has been set before him. Amen.

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