Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Yup, There Was....

.....the funnel clouds and brief tornado touchdown narrowly missed Moose Jaw and happened just to the southwest. No reports of serious damage, thankfully.

Only once before has the sound of strong wind frightened me as badly as last night. It was several years ago when we were living in Caronport SK where my husband was pursuing his MA degrees at Briercrest Seminary.  The open prairie sky that particular evening was a swirling mass of green/grey/blue/yellow clouds, the like of which I have never seen before nor since. It looked like something from a science fiction movie! We thought our apartment balcony was going to rip off the building in the wind. The underground parking area began filling with water in the deluge of rain that raced down the ramp and under the huge metal entrance/exit door and our biggest worry, especially after the power went out, was how we were going to help get the many senior citizens in our building out of there to safety. We were all most blessed that our town was not badly damaged. Some downed trees landed on open ground, some roofing shingles went flying off rooves and some basements flooded. A few gardens were destroyed, people were scared, but in the end all was well. Whew!

There is to only be one day of intense heat later this week, then hopefully a week or so with daytime highs in the mid +20C range. Yay!

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